A Basilicata Anthropological Carnival of cultural significance

From 2015 “Intangible cultural heritage” of Basilicata


The Teanese Carnival is the ironic representation of both the practical life of Teana with its inhabitants and the human being which comes from nature and returns to it. This sarcastic parade represents and, at the same time, makes fun of the various forms of human powers: the Church (with the priest and the sacristans), the Law (with the judge and the lawyers), up to the Police, through the guards who do not manage to hold back “Urs” and “Carnuluvar”, the most symbolic and central figures of the whole carnival.

All characters are imbued with a strong allegorical and metaphorical meaning: the “Pezzente”, represents poverty and humility; the “Portafortuna”, making fun of passers-by, tells them the future, using local proverbs; The “Urs” is a demonic figure, rough and elusive; it represents the link between mankind and nature. This is emphasized by the fact that he often goes hand in hand with “Carnuluvar”, which represents all human being vices: glutton, drunkard and full of debts. “Carnuluvar” once again is a central mask, which has to be “eliminated” through a public trial. Exactly the “Processo” (the Trial) is a sarcastic-theatrical representation, which closes the parade, condemning to death Carnuluvar.  

The strong passion that the community of Teana puts into the organization of this event, made it adquire a strong relevance in the social context of the whole Basilicata region. The Carnival of Teana is nowdays a member of the ” Rete dei Carnevali Lucani a valenza antropologica e culturale” (Network of all Carnivals of Basilicata, with  an high anthropological and cultural significance).

 “Pro loco Teana” has always targeted its efforts towards enhancing and promoting this tradition with projects aimed at transforming the Carnival into a permanent tourist attraction, providing the community of Teana with an opportunity for economic growth and development both in the tourism and agri-food sectors.

2020 Events Program

Soon coming more news on the Carnival 2020….stay tuned!

How to reach us

by car

- For those coming from the Tyrrhenian side both from the North and the South, leave the A3 highway at the “Lauria Nord” exit, in Basilicata, take the “S.S. Sinnica 653” Road (towards Taranto), exit at “Francavilla sul Sinni” and continue towards Teana. - For those coming from the Adriatic-Ionian side, from the “S.S. 106 Jonica” Road till you reach the “S.S. Sinnica 653”. Exit at “Francavilla Sul Sinni”, then continue towards Teana

by bus

By bus, thanks to bus various companies, Teana is connected to the major Italian cities, like Bari, Naples, Rome, Florence, Perugia or Milan. Arriving to Francavilla sul Sinni / Senise, it will be easy then reaching Teana.

by train

By train the closest train stations to Teana are Sapri or Maratea.

by plane

By Plane the closest airports are Bari, Naples or Lamezia Terme.

Where to eat and where to sleep

Ristorante Pizzeria "La Cascata"

Via Giardini – 85032 Teana (PZ)

B&B La Cannalia

Via Giardini – 85032 Teana (PZ)


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Via San Rocco, snc – 85032 TEANA (PZ)


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